Casper Bilgisayar Sistemleri A.Ş. olarak, conflict-free sourcing ve hammadde tedarikçilerinin çatışma mineralleri kullanımı dair beklentileri konusuna bağlılığımızı bildiririz.
As Casper Bilgisayar Sistemleri A.Ş, we are commited to conflict-free sourcing and the expectations of their raw material suppliers regarding the use of conflict minerals.
Conflict minerals refer to raw mineral sources of tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold. These minerals are available in electronic products worldwide. Revenue from mining conflict minerals in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and nine neighbouring countries has been connected with human rights abuses and violence.
Through our policies, we ensure that materials in our supply chain are not sourced from areas that have connection with human rights abuses, and that armed conflict is not finacially supported. Both for our company and our supplies, we enforce practices to impove conflict-free sourcing.
We conduct trainings and workshops in order to inform our customers and business partners about responsible sourcing and induce taking collaborative actions.
We are dedicated to eliminating risks of conflict minerals entering our supply chain. We inform our suppliers of our policy on conflict minerals and demand their commitment to conflict-free sourcing. Our suppliers are required to fill CFSI’s Conflict Minerals Reporting Template. Through the template, where risk is detected we demand corrective action that also covers the elimination of smelters that are found risky.